ACT Mobility in Bulgaria

Art of creative thinking mobility

Art of creative thinking /ACT/ is a Mobility of youth workers (TC) that will deal with one of the most valued skills of the future-creative thinking and how it is born and developed in the young people as this is one of the new skills employers are looking for and it is hardly created by the formal educational system.

Why Creative thinking TC is important?

Getting youth workers familiar with the skills and knowledge of the future with a specific focus on creative thinking;

Understanding EU policies and priorities in the field of empowering young people in their personal and professional development;

Raise knowledge and gain new experiences on how will our world looks like in the forthcoming years and be ready for the challenges and opportunities;

Empower young people to be more aware on EU policies;

Develop the potential for young people within education and employment.

Deep understanding on how creative thinking is created and further developed in young people;

Discuss and find possible answers of the current situation and future scenarios of the equipping young people with the needed skills and knowledge for the Industrial revolution 4.0.

Increase understanding on EU policies in the field of sport and physical activity and how sport can contribute to the development of creative thinking;

Create a network of professionals from different countries, that understand and implement in their daily life the EU values;

Art of Creative Thinking success story


countries involved in ACT – Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovakia


participants – youth workers/sport coaches/social workers/educators active within their community


passion in project team to bring positive change at European Union, starting with our own realities

How to join the TC?

Follow the updates of to find the TC call for participants that will be launched in early 2021.

#BeActive and follow the updates on creative thinking and the application of new methods in sport training.

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